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Behavioural Optometry

Standard eye tests are a handy tool that allows optometrists to measure some of the capabilities of our eyesight, but they typically don’t provide much context in relation to how our vision performs in the real world. Behavioural optometry is an offshoot of general optometry that focuses on how our eyes interact with the tasks we perform every day at home, school, or work. Examining how our vision assists us as we read, write and use the computer, behavioural optometry also places an emphasis on preventing future deterioration while also treating any current issues with our eyesight.

This area of optometry, practised by our behavioural optometrists in Wentworthville, has a particular interest in issues related to our vision, including distance focus, eye coordination, and the way that neurological conditions may affect our eyesight, and the development of children’s vision processing as they grow.

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