Prevention and treatment through exercises

Vision therapy is a vision training program designed by your optometrist to correct visual-motor or perceptual cognitive deficiencies through eye exercises. It’s used to prevent eye problems from developing, as well as treating existing conditions.


Vison therapy is essentially a fitness regime which aims to help your child by improving:

  • Focus flexibility and maintenance
  • Eye movement efficiency, both for reading and sports
  • Visual skills necessary for the development of reading
  • Spatial skills that underpin many maths tasks
  • Eye-hand reaction time
  • Sequencing skills
  • Integration of vision with auditory and motor systems
  • Sport-specific visual skills

When is Vision Therapy required?

Whether your child has been diagnosed with a learning disorder or you are simply a concerned parent, an initial test could be very valuable.

If problems have already developed, vision therapy helps by training the brain and eyes to compensate for lost vision. We can improve your child’s vision with the most effective eye exercises.

What to bring to the test?

  • Glasses, if already wearing them.
  • Reports from the school or any other health care professional you have seen such as an educational psychologist, occupational therapist, speech therapist or another optometrist. The results of standardised testing (like the WISC) are very helpful.
  • Examples of handwriting or other work that may be an issue.


If any vision problems are identified, your optometrist may suggest personalised exercises and sessions in- practice using a range of optometric equipment, perceptual materials and a comprehensive computer program encompassing both visual and perceptual skills. This will develop your child’s eyes performance, behaviour and brain processing efficiency.

Book an eye test

All G&M practices are equipped to deal with children’s vision, but advanced skills in Vision Therapy are available at:

Evian Optometrists by G&M Eyecare

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