Astigmatism means that your eyes are focusing as though oval shaped, and not perfectly round. As a result, your eyesight can be slightly blurry. Some people may notice this more at a particular distance, but usually it makes things look blurry both at distance and close up.

Uncorrected astigmatism may cause the same symptoms as long and shortsightedness, or have no symptoms at all, but it may cause someone to struggle with tasks that should be easy.

If you have astigmatism, your George & Matilda Eyecare optometrist can help you see more clearly and more comfortably by prescribing glasses or contact lenses to aid your vision.  They can also advise on other options such as orthokeratology and laser corrective surgery. 

In some cases, the corneas may be very irregular and more advanced management may be necessary to prevent any eyesight loss. This is known as keratoconus.

Speak to your George & Matilda Eyecare optometrist if you have any concerns or questions about your vision or eye health.

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