Crafted by the innovative and multi-award-winning manufacturer ReSound GN, our range of discrete hearing aids encompasses essential to premium options, each tailored to meet your individual hearing needs.

Finding the right hearing aid

When it comes to your hearing health, we believe peace-of-mind should come as standard. Our pricing model is fully transparent, with no hidden fees and all our hearing devices are covered by our 6-Point Promise.
This includes a free lifetime service, 3-year manufacturer warranty, 60-Day satisfaction period and a 14-day risk free trial.
With our price match guarantee, you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality at the very best price.
Plus, every hearing aid purchase comes with a free charger or a 12-month supply of batteries.

Hearing Aid Range

Technology ReSound Model 1 Hearing Aid 2 Hearing Aids
Essential ReSound Key 4 $1,400 $2,800
Essential Plus ReSound NEXIA 5 $2,300 $4,600
Optimal ReSound NEXIA 7 $3,100 $6,200
Premium ReSound NEXIA 9 $3,900 $7,800


Charger Price Value
Standard Desktop Charger Free $350
Premium Charger $300 $650

FREE standard desktop charger of 1 year supply of batteries provided with all hearing aid styles.

Custom rechargeable options are not availabe in the ReSound Key 4 level of technology

Technology vs Lifestyle

Technology 1 on 1 chats at home Hearing voices clearly on TV Hearing outdoor sounds Hearing in small groups Phone calls in car or noise Hearing in restaurants or cafes Hearing at large gatherings & parties
Essential Basic Basic Basic
Essential Plus Good Good Good Good Good
Optimal Great Great Great Great Great Great
Premium Best Best Best Best Best Best Best

Affordable payment plans available with our finance partner, Humm.

As with our hearing aid prices, we are committed to being transparent about the fees and terms of our payment plan, so there are no surprises!

  • 2 years interest free finance
  • Payment plan terms of 6 – 24 months
  • 20% deposit
  • Monthly fee: $8
  • One-off establishment fee: $60

Experiencing recognisable changes with your hearing and ear health?

Symptoms vary from person to person and having your hearing assessed by a professional is most
effective so you get the right advice.

Book a Hearing Test

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