What is retinal imaging?

Retinal imaging allows us to take a high-definition, digital scan of the back of your eyes. The image captures vital information about your retina to accurately determine the health of the back of your eye. It gives us a lot of information about your optic nerve, your retinal blood vessels, and the area where you do your detailed focusing – called the ‘macula’.

At your George & Matilda Eyecare store, we use the latest in retinal imaging equipment to capture highly detailed images of not only the back of the eye, but the front structures of the eye as well.

Why would I need imaging?

Imaging is very useful in early detection of diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetes and glaucoma. It can also tell us a lot of information about your general health and can highlight issues with blood pressure and many other conditions.

Even if we see no signs of eye diseases, imaging is highly recommended as a baseline record of your eye health. It provides an accurate recording of the appearance of your eye structures at the time of the imaging, giving us a more detailed method of tracking any changes to your eye health that need monitoring or further management.

Does it hurt? Are eye drops involved?

Imaging is as simple and painless as taking a photograph of your eyes, but with a highly detailed microscope and a well-trained optometrist’s eye to spot any changes or abnormalities.

Usually eye drops are not required. If they are, your George & Matilda optometrist will advise you at that point.

How do I get imaging done?

All George & Matilda Eyecare stores have retinal imaging equipment as standard, so all you have to do is make an appointment for an eye test.

Come into one of our stores, call us to make an appointment, or book online today!

Book an Eye Test

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