Pterygium (pronounced ter-ridge-ee-umm) is a condition caused by sun damage where an excessive growth of tissue forms on the white part of the eye. It is usually seen when there is a history of sun exposure.

Pterygium can be found on both eyes, usually on the part closest to the nose. It isn’t dangerous but should be checked properly in a full eye exam to ensure it isn’t something more sinister. It’s important to prevent further growth by wearing sunglasses and lenses with UV protection when you are outdoors.

Additionally, if there is a history of sun damage on the front of the eyes, sun damage on the retina can be a high risk factor for macular degeneration. Macular degeneration, with the right advice and treatment, can be carefully checked and managed and sight loss prevented. Therefore, it’s really important to get a full test done when there is some sun damage on the front of the eyes. Your George and Matilda Eyecare optometrist will carefully check this for you during your eye test.

Speak to your George & Matilda Eyecare Optometrist if you have any concerns or questions about your vision or eye health.

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