A pinguecula is an excessive growth of fleshy tissue on the white part of your eye, which is called the conjunctiva. It often looks like a yellow spot or bump on the white part of the eye.

It can appear on either side of the cornea, but tends to appear more on the side nearer to your nose. It may increase in size over many years. It is more common in people with excess outdoor exposure to sunlight and wind, such as those who work outdoors, as growth is caused by UV exposure.

It may also cause eye irritation, so lubrication with artificial tears and sometimes the temporary use of mild steroid eye drops can be helpful.

With the presence of a pinguecula, it is important to protect the eyes with quality sunglasses to prevent or slow down the growth. There are also other types of growths that can cover the eye in this area, and some are more sight threatening, so it’s important to be properly assessed by an optometrist.

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