George & Matilda Audiology, is hearing done the Australian way, never stopping just short and never cutting corners. We have introduced a new dimension of excellence in audiology, offering comprehensive diagnostic assessments and hearing solutions tailored to your individual needs, all covered by our price match guarantee promise. Discover a world of better hearing with us.

Full hearing assessments currently available at:

For a full hearing assessment please make an appointment with an Audiologist at one of the above locations

Hearing screenings currently available at:

Our hearing screenings involve a 5-minute check-up of your hearing – these can be done at your leisure instore at any of the above locations.

(Bookings are not required for screenings)

Experiencing recognisable changes with your hearing and ear health?

Symptoms vary from person to person and having your hearing assessed by a professional is most
effective so you get the right advice.

Book a Hearing Test

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