What is Short sightedness (myopia)?

So, the naming system in eyesight conditions for long sightedness and short sightedness is quite interesting! The easiest way to understand it is, that eyesight conditions are named after what type of vision your eyes are still good at. Short sightedness (Myopia) is to only see clearly up close, and to be able to see things clearly in the distance only with the assistance of glasses or contact lenses. Short sightedness is also called myopia or near sightedness.

Short sightedness, as well as many other eye conditions, tend to get worse if it is undiagnosed and uncorrected, so it is very important to get regular check-ups to ensure it is well managed. Studies show that by 2040, more than 50% of the Australian population will be short sighted, so it is important to ensure that your eyes are checked on a regular basis or if you notice any symptoms of blurry vision.

Causes of Short sightedness (myopia)

When the eye grows too long from front to back, triggering light to come to a focus in front of the retina instead of directly on it, myopia occurs. Additional impacting elements include a cornea, (the transparent front part of the eye that covers the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber), that is overly curved for the size of the eyeball or a lens within the eye that is too dense.

Myopia usually begins to develop during childhood and is able to evolve steadily or rapidly.

Symptoms of Short sightedness (myopia)

Faraway objects and your driving vision will be hazy if you are short sighted, however you will be able to see certain nearby objects clearly. It is important to look out for the following symptoms, as these are the most common; squinting, eye strain, headaches and fatigue.

How to treat Short sightedness (myopia)

Myopia, otherwise known as short sightedness, can be adjusted with glasses, contact lenses or refractive surgery. Varying on the level of your myopia, you may possibly be required to wear your glasses or contact lenses all the time or simply when you require very clear distance vision, such as when driving.

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