Experience the freedom of vision without glasses today

Contact lenses are a comfortable, convenient alternative to glasses. The best contact lenses only cost about a dollar or two a day, so they really are an affordable option to complement your glasses. They’re easy to put in and made out of oxygen breathable materials.

Whether you’re a first timer, have tried contact lenses before or need your annual contact lens recheck, George & Matilda Eyecare optometrists have the expertise and experience, providing comprehensive contact lens examinations.

What happens during a contact lens exam?

A contact lens consult is conducted during or after a general eye test. We assess if you’re suitable for contact lenses according to your prescription and work and leisure needs. We tailor a contact lens solution that is just right for you and your eye health. Contact lenses can be a really affordable option that provide a lot of freedom from the need to wear glasses.

If you are a first-time wearer to contact lenses, we’ll teach you how to insert and remove contact lenses, as well as provide instructions on care and maintenance for your eyes and contact lenses. We’ll always ensure that you’re comfortable and confident with your contact lenses before we let you leave.

Tried contact lenses before, but they don’t seem to work for you?

Contact lens technology has improved at the same rate as mobile phone technology. So if you’ve tried contact lenses a few years ago and found them to be uncomfortable, dry or you just couldn’t perfect the art of popping them in – don’t fret!

Significant developments are constantly being made in the materials used in contact lenses, meaning that if you have any concerns that made it challenging for you in the past, such as dry eyes, astigmatism or a high prescription – there is almost certainly a lens that will work for you now. We’re experts in contact lens selection and it may take a few lessons, but we’re very patient.

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