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Behavioural Optometry

While standard vision tests are great for gaining a general understanding of our current vision capabilities, behavioural optometry centres around how our vision interacts with the activities that we perform on a regular basis, whether at school, work or at home. From reading and writing to completing tasks on the computer, this type of optometry attempts to prevent issues from developing in the future, while also treating those that are already present.

Behavioural optometry focuses on a wide variety of issues related to our vision and eye health, from distance focus and general eye coordination to the intersection of health and neurological conditions with vision. A key interest for this area of optometry is the development of children’s vision processing and how it may affect their reading and writing skills as they get older.

Our Optometrists


B. Opt (UNSW), Grad Cert OcTher (UNSW), Cert in Practical Vision Therapy (ACBO)


B Sc(Vis Sc)/M Clin Optom, Therapeutic Prescriber
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